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Oliver Buckle is an employee at WeeZee World of “Yes I Can!” Oliver was born in White Plains, and grew up in Elmsford. He graduated from Briarcliff High School in 2006 and attended Alfred State College.

Dani: Hey Oliver! What happens to be your favorite color?

Oliver: My favorite color would have to be blue.

Dani: What’s your favorite movie?

Oliver: I’d say all the Toy Story movies. 1-3

Dani: Great movies! So what’s your favorite snack?

Oliver: Do cinnabuns count?!

Dani: I don’t see why not?!

Oliver: Okay then Cinnabuns.

Dani: Favorite room at WeeZee to you?

Oliver: Ahhh, I would say the cooking room because I love making the snacks, having the children working together, read/ follow directions and there are fun things to bake.

Dani: What would you say your favorite ice cream flavor is?

Oliver: Samoas Girl Scout ice cream. It’s so good and it’s a limited edition from Edy’s.

Dani: I have to try it! Do you have a favorite vacation place?

Oliver: Hawaii. I just went in January and it’s really nice over there. I also went in 8th grade for two weeks to represent New York Soccer.

Dani: Favorite Band or type of music?

Oliver: reggae music.

Dani: What’s the coolest thing at WeeZee?

Oliver: The Sports Simulator.

Dani: Tell me what the best thing about working at WeeZee is.

Oliver: The best thing about working at WeeZee is seeing these kids smile and just enjoy being here.

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