WeeZee is a play, fitness and learning facility for children 0 through 12 of all abilities.

Watch your child build relationships within an 18,000 square foot Disney World-like play space! Voted Best of Westchester 2013. Free Play, structured group classes and personal training sessions improve performance and help build confidence all along the way. Invigorating environments stimulates the senses to perform at a higher level. Every child is warmly greeted by our highly trained Sensory Coaches, who are hired as experts in fitness, music, art, food and new media activities. WeeZee’s 200+ elements of cutting-edge equipment and programs are derived from successful and scientifically-proven Sensory Integration Techniques.


“I conceived and built WeeZee to be the largest and most cutting-edge pediatric physical fitness and learning facility in the world. My team of specialists has shopped world-wide to discover one-of-a-kind training equipment for our therapeutic Sensory Gym. The 200+ fitness elements in WeeZee have been scientifically-proven to improve cognitive, social and physical development for all children infant to teen.

We set out to create a world of adventures and experiences that challenge the child’s neuro-receptors for every sense; touch, smell, taste, sight, auditory and spatial awareness. Well integrated multi-sensory neuro-processing equals optimal cognitive performance, balanced athletic coordination, resulting in strong social relationships. All the while the kids are having fun!

In the beginning, each child is given a Sensory Assessment. Based on the assesssment, the child is placed on a Sensory Fitness Plan.WeeZee’s membership comes with a free Sensory Coach for 60 minutes a week to develop their neuroplasticity. Our coach works with your child on a personal plan to establish the baseline and then outcome analytics.

Our “playful” approach is evidence-based and our outcomes are real and measurable. As your child’s neuro-processing becomes more integrated, their performance at every level becomes stronger.

WeeZee is dedicated to improving the lives of children and their families. I invite you to explore with us how sensory-science works, and what the science of play can mean for you.”

– Louise Weadock Founder & CEO