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|BY India Burgess

I want to be stressed today – said no one EVER! There’s nothing fun about stress. Both adults and children encounter this problem and when stress arrives, you just want to get rid of it! But is it even possible with all that you have to accomplish? I’m happy to tell you, yes, it is.


What most people feel when they’re stressed is an invisible weight called pressure. For adults, it’s usually caused from a lack of time, numerous responsibilities, or anxiety from one of life’s many circumstances. Children tend to have pressure from the high expectations of their caregivers. No, kids aren’t working or paying bills, but several children are expected to maintain an above average GPA, remain committed to an extracurricular activity, and behave themselves on a regular basis. In the eyes of a child, that can sometimes become overwhelming.

Signs of Stress Among Children

It’s important to remember that stress is preventable. Take action if and/or when these signs occur in your kids: shyness, excess irritability, and bed wetting after months or years of dry nights.

How to Lose the Stress

Experts from prevention.com advise that both adults and children can shake off the stress by doing the following:

Just Breathe

It’s just as simple as it sounds! Studies have proven that meditation and relaxation of the body can reduce stress. Results have shown lifts in kids’ moods, decreases in blood pressure, and it may overcome ADHD symptoms. Prevention.com spoke with the Bradley family who have committed themselves to regular breathing exercises. Twice daily, they spend 20 minutes in meditation sessions. “Mindfulness-based stress reduction… lowers anxiety by teaching you to be aware of your body and mind in a nonjudgmental way at all times. For a quick tension reliever, stop whatever you’re doing, sit down, and concentrate on your breathing.”

Pop In a Yoga Video

Some kids may not be ready for an advanced yoga video, but there are yoga experts who have put together a set of yoga poses for children. Marsha Wenig, founder of YogaKids International suggests relieving the stress by adding noises to the poses, “The louder and sillier, the better.”

Read a Bedtime Story

Something as small as reading a book can reduce stress! Lori Lite, founder of Stress Free Kids incorporates deep breathing, muscle relaxation, affirmations, and visualization. These methods helped her to get her hyperactive son to sleep.

Stress in today’s society is practically inevitable. It’s wise to apply these tips even before you see the symptoms. So whether you’re a parent dealing with stress or you’ve seen signs of stress among your own children, these methods are sure to ease the tension.


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