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BY| India Burgess

Every parent hopes that their children will become little geniuses and someday use what they’ve learned later in life. Science happens to be a fascinating and fun journey for kids to learn and explore. There are some who may not see how essential science can be, however, studies show just how much children gain from it.

Below lists the benefits of early exposure to science created by School A to Z that will probably encourage any parent to enroll their children in a science program.

  • Science involves a lot of communication with people
  • Science develops patience and perseverance in kids
  • It can help kids form a healthy dose of skepticism
  • Science teaches kids about the world around them
  • Science can spark in kids’ minds that they too, can help solve the world’s big problems

Patience and Perseverance

Science involves trial and error. Kids learn that sometimes things don’t work out the way they planned. Most scientific experimentation also involves waiting. Some solutions come sooner, but many push you to exercise your patience levels. Kevin Squires is a Science Teacher at Tamworth Public who believes that there are enormous benefits for young kids learning about science. “Science involves a lot of talking and listening to others; it develops patience, too – a lot of the time in science things don’t happen overnight.”

Healthy Skepticism

In addition, science helps children to become independent thinkers. Kids learn to form their own perspectives (not just what they’ve heard) and search for factual information by thoroughly examining the evidence. Camille Thomson, an employee at the Australian Institute of Policy & Science said this on the matter, “It can teach children to form their own opinions, rather than taking those of others for granted.”

Future Careers in Science

As adults, they can definitely land a career in science. The field is always looking for new ways to advance. There are ranges of career options such as: positions in laboratories, work in healthcare, meteorology or even paleontology. Thomson said that there will be plenty of exciting and worthwhile jobs for kids who study science in the future.

It’s amazing that children can benefit so much from science. There are so many paths that children can take just by having a desire to test things for themselves! They may find the antidote to an incurable disease or locate a planet in outer space that no one’s ever heard of! When introduced to the right outlets, there are no limits.

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