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BY | Paige Rosoff & Louise Weadock

Spring is in the air! The winter blues is coming to a close and what better way to kick off the springtime than stepping outside and getting creative?! Imagination Tree has come up with an incredible multi-sensory experience that is pure genius and so much fun for kids! Dig out a little semi-circle in the yard and put up small pieces of wood to block out the space and start exploring the senses while having a blast.

There’s no limit to the amount of things you can do, but here are some ideas:

small-83025_1280Put on some mud overalls and boots and get to digging

Use mini tools to make mud castles using a bucket and cupcake tray!

Plant Flowers

Go out to the store and let your child choose their favorite flowers to plant in the sensory garden.

Create a sensory section

Fill up one section of the garden with spices of all different flavors, textures and smells! Some ideas for spices: lavender, lemon, thyme and mint.

Collect pebbles

Collect a pile of pebbles and let your child use them to get creative in the dirt. Let them place the pebbles around the garden and in the cupcake tray to make “mud cupcakes.”

Make a mini bug habitat

Turn over some pots and find a log to leave face down for as long as possible and let the bugs come; in a few days, take a magnifying glass and see who’s living under there!

Make a sensory play bin

Dig up some grass, place it into a tray and put it somewhere in the garden for your child to play with. You can place rocks, fake bugs, anything you can find that would make for an interesting sensory experience.baby-444982_1280

What this activity helps children improve and understand:

  • Sensory Play: Exploring the world using all of the senses (touch, sight, smell, self, sound)
  • Gross motor skills: digging, chipping, lifting, watering plants
  • Creativity
  • Imaginative play: Making mud cupcakes, grass soups, insect play tea parties, picnics etc
  • Role play: Gardening and cooking
  • Reading: Reading plant care labels and understanding their purpose
  • Science: Bug names, habitat naming, growing and caring for plants
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