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Your eyes are the channel through which you experience your surroundings, and identify what in your environment you can or should interact with. Our visual development is the basis for everything from reading, to eye contact, to athletic coordination and performance. By creating environments in which the isolation of visual elements means the successful completion of games and tasks we see a measurable increase in focus, reaction time and awareness of one’s surroundings.

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icons_website_nogradient-05VISUAL DYSFUNCTION

Sensory Integration Dysfunction Symptoms:

Sensory Over Responsive ( SOR )

  • Irritated by sunlight or bright lights.
  • Easily distracted by visual stimuli.
  • Avoids eye contact.
  • May become over aroused in brightly colored rooms.

Sensory Under Responsive ( SUR )

  • Difficulty controlling eye movements and tracking objects.
  • Mixes up similar letters.
  • Focuses on little details in a picture and misses the whole.
  • Have difficulty recognizing sights that should be familiar.
  • Loses his place frequently when reading or copying from the blackboard.
  • Often seems to miss what is right in front of them.

Sensory Seeking ( SS )

  • May crave bright lights.
  • Needs a lot of light in a room to concentrate or focus.
  • May frequently stare at bright or spinning lights.