What’s in the air?

Our sense of smell is an amazing system, allowing us to detect hundreds of substances and minute scents. With each breath we take, a complex array of receptors interprets what’s in the air, from baking cookies, to gasoline, to freshly cut grass. Our sense of smell is also the sense most strongly tied to memory. As this system is so diverse and always active, its development is essential to passing through daily life without the shock and distraction of unfamiliar smells.

Areas to explore SMELL: Oxygen Bar, Kitchen, Swing Bean Café, GalaxZee


Sensory Integration Dysfunction Symptoms:

Sensory Over Responsive ( SOR )

  • Bothered or nauseated by cooking, bathroom and/or perfume smells.
  • May refuse to go places because of the way it smells.
  • Chooses foods based on smell.
  • Rough clothes or seams in socks.
  • Notices smells not normally noticed by others.

Sensory Under Responsive ( SUR )

  • May not notice unpleasant or noxious odors.
  • May not be able to identify smells from scratch ‘n sniff stickers.
  • May not respond to threatening smells.

Sensory Seeking ( SS )

  • Smells everything when first introduced to it.
  • Crave certain smells excessively.