Can you feel it?

Think of all of the ways touch affects your daily life, from a rough wool sweater to a leather steering wheel to the cardboard sleeve on your morning coffee. Do you have any textures that you don’t like? Through the immersion of each of our members in a diverse tactile world we allow you to integrate these sensations so that they all feel normal. Suddenly the itchy shirt tag distracting your child in class disappears and their focus can be dedicated to learning.

Areas to explore TOUCH: Art Room, GalaxZee, ProZone, Rain Room, Creation Station, Groove Grove, Kitchen



Sensory Integration Dysfunction Symptoms:

Sensory Over Responsive ( SOR )

  • Refuses or resists messy play.
  • Resists cuddling and light touch.
  • Dislikes kisses.
  • Rough clothes or seams in socks.
  • Resists baths, showers, or going to the beach.

Sensory Under Responsive ( SUR )

  • Doesn’t realize hands or face are dirty or wet.
  • Doesn’t seem to feel pain ( may even enjoy it! ).
  • May not seem to notice being physically attacked.
  • May not notice extremes in temperature and dress inappropriately.

Sensory Seeking ( SS )

  • May be self-abusive.
  • Touches everything and anything constantly
  • Plays rough with peers.